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    The Central Industrial Security Force came into being in the year 1969. Within a short span of nearly four decades, this elite Armed Force of the Union, which was raised out of necessity to protect Public Sector Undertakings, has established itself as the largest industrial security service in the Indian sub-continent. The professional competence exhibited by CISF has, of late, placed increasing demands on the Force for calls of duty in not only internal security assignments but also international peace-keeping operations. The CISF has recently been inducted to a large number of airports for providing security coverage in the wake of increasing threats from terrorists/hijackers. The role of CISF has further been expanded with an amendment in CISF Act in 1999 empowering it to offer Security Consultancy Services to Private Enterprises.

     With the mind-boggling pace of technological advancement, as part of the modern industrial development, the CISF has also constantly kept abreast of the need for matching professionalism in security dispensation through specialised training of personnel, upgradation of knowledge and managerial skills, besides induction of sophisticated gadgetry in aid of Industrial Security.

     The CISF Training College, initially established at Partapur (Meerut) in 1969, was shifted to Shivrampally, Hyderabad in 1971. In 1987, the College moved into the present premises at Hakimpet, and was upgraded into an Academy on 8 December 1990. A new chapter was added to the history of the Academy when Fire Service Training Institute (FSTI) shifted from Deoli in Rajasthan to the Academy premises in 1999.
     The National Industrial Security Academy was established primarily to conduct the basic induction training of directly recruited Assistant Commandants, and to function as an organ of the CISF to cultivate professionalism and expertise in industrial security management. The Academy has been imparting professional and specialised training to officers & men of CISF and other Police Organisations and PSUs in addition to the primary task of grooming the Assistant Commandants (Probationers) and other direct recruits of the Force. The Academy is also organizing prestigious in service courses like Vertical Interaction Course for IPS officers and Integrated Industrial Security Management Course for Commandants and Deputy Commandants & equivalent ranks from Police, para-military Forces, and PSUs

     A Committee under the Chairmanship of Special Secretary(ISP) MHA convened in 1994 with a view to optimising the utilisation of training facilities of the CPOs on an integrated basis identified NISA, Hyderabad as a
Centre of Excellence in the field of Industrial Security.



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